Cancer is a chronic disease which can be controlled.

Ablation is one of the most effective means to control progressive parenchyma tumor.

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FUDA Cancer Hospital, located in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, consisted of two regions including one in Tianhe District(located in the 2nd, Tangde Xi Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou).

Cancer Treatment

There are numerous sorts of cancer treatment. The sorts of treatment that you get will rely on upon the kind of cancer you have and how best in class it is.

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At Fuda, we make it a priority to make sure that each patient receives a personalized treatment plan according to his or her unique situation, and medical and treatment history.


Nano Knife treatment for pancreatic cancer patient
Cryosurgery for Sarcoma patient
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Disclaimer: Surgical resection has a good therapeutic effect on solid tumors in early stage, but it is not suitable for tumors in advanced stage. The treatment effect varies from person to person. Immune function for patients in advanced stage is usually weak; minimally invasive treatment combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy can effectively reduce the damage and side effects and help patients obtain better therapeutic effects.
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